Telegram Media Downloader

Telegram Media Downloader 1.2

将图片、视频、语音信息、贴纸和其他文件从电报聊天室和频道下载到计算机。 注意: -媒体在大聊天室中的时间越早,下载时间就越长。 -如果您尝试在一次大的聊天中同时..

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Telegram Media Downloader

Telegram Media Downloader简介

Downloads pictures, videos, voice messages, stickers and other files from Telegram chats and channels to the computer.

- The farther back in time the media are situated in a big chat, the more time it will take to download them.
- The browser might crash if you try downloading ALL the media at once in a big chat.
- If you get the ‘Too many requests’ Error, reload the page and try again. In most cases it solves the problem.





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