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Asana2Go 简介

- Asana2Go is free for private or commercial use except as follows: You may not receive payment based explicitly on the use of Asana2Go (e. g., its report formats and output) without our express prior written permission. No Asana consultant other than the author (Larry Berger/Trilogi Solutions) is currently licensed to offer paid support or custom report writing using Asana2Go; if you are receiving such services from anyone else it is in violation of the Terms.
- By installing you agree to the Terms and Conditions found at
- No personal information is collected. Your Asana data is read and output to you, but neither stored nor updated
- Asana2Go has no direct affiliation with Asana the company


- Try Asana for free with this unique link:
- You may be able to receive 10% off your annual Asana plan (Premium or Business) and/or get a 30-day free trial of Asana Premium. (My affiliate relationship with Asana may compensate me for referring a new customer.)


- “Buy me a coffee” at

RECENT UPDATES (See Changelog in Asana2Go Help for details)

- Added List - Sections/Tasks/Description/Subtasks/Due/Assignee and List w/Links + Checkboxes - Sections/Tasks/Description/Subtasks/Due/Assignee new formats and also made this set of 8 formats much more customizable
- Retired four much older, original List reports previously marked “TO BE REMOVED”
- Support for Milestones for both Tasks and Subtasks; updated all applicable standard formats to depict them
- Add 6 new formats: 3 Lists and 3 Lists w/Links + Checkboxes. They’ll improve on and replace the prior 4 List and 4 List w/Links more rudimentary ones
- Woof: Windows: Alt+Shift+PageUp Mac: Option+Shift+Fn+UpArrow Finally, parity with Tab+B
- Table - Interactive format: Search as you type, sort by multiple columns, hide/show 20 columns
- Instant Slide Presentations in Asana2Go from your Asana tasks; and speaker notes
- In version 1.3.19, to respond to Asana API change, updated all numeric “.id” properties to text “.gid” properties; if you have a custom format, and you happen to be using this field (not very common), you’ll need to make a similar change to your format
- Create SWOT Analysis (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats)
- Localization options for date formatting (See Help topic for info)
- Create Projects Dashboard / Projects Roll-Up views
- Import from virtually any mind map app
- Export to a Coggle mind map
- Create an attractive Eisenhower Matrix (Urgency/Importance quadrants)
- Save any Asana2Go output as a file with new button: Save CSV/Text File
- Improved Help
- Various other minor improvements


Trilogi Solutions Website:

Trilogi Medium Publication:

Trilogi Youtube Channel:


- A multi-purpose utility knife for when you need to get content out of Asana or just view it differently, either repeatedly or ad-hoc

- Default or custom report formats that you can apply to any tasks or subtasks (in any Project, My Tasks, or Search Results) to produce attractive output that you can paste anywhere (email, documents), print to PDF, paste/save as CSV to Google Sheets or Excel, display as a slideshow, save and import as a mind map in Coggle (, or use interactively in a different view than Asana’s

- Write report formats in Markdown and/or HTML and the full Handlebars template language using custom helpers provided, styled with CSS, selecting your data supplied by the Asana API in an easy-to-use interface

- Optionally view your results in powerful DataTables JS interactive tables (Experimental-TBD)

- Use out-of-the-box with no learning required: Just choose from among the various provided Formats and run

- Experiment with easy changes: Need something a little different? Duplicate and edit a Format similar to your needs making changes by example

- Create fully-customized Formats: Use the examples and built-in helpers with a little knowledge of Handlebars, HTML or Markdown, and optionally CSS

- Your customized Formats are saved and sync’ed to all your logged-in Chrome desktop browsers

- Works with both free and premium Asana accounts

- No extra login/authentication required

- Uses your Asana selections (read-only) but does not modify/write anything in Asana

- Asana2Go was created by Trilogi Solutions ( We provide Asana Consulting and Integrations/Custom Software Development using the Asana API, in addition to easily-imported Asana2Go custom Formats for your particular needs.


Do You Ever Need To:

- Copy from Asana to an email, document (or anywhere else)?

- Make a nice-looking PDF from Asana, or a printed page/report?

- Create ad-hoc or recurring CSV or JSON?

- Turn your Asana tasks into an interactive slideshow?

- Import from virtually any mind map app and export to a Coggle ( mind map?

- Work with others who are not using Asana and want to use the full power of Asana for yourself but not be hampered when it comes time to share with them?

- See the detailed contents of more than one task at a time?

- Work easily with your Custom Fields?

- Do all of the above in custom tables (even interactive ones), lists or any layout of your choice?

- Address these same pain points that these nice folks here have encountered?

Asana2Go Can Help

- Asana2Go addresses these and other needs and empowers you to design and create your own solutions as well

- It operates in your own browser alongside your own Asana page; there’s no separation or multiple-step processes as with some other tools/approaches

- Many of us may never want to leave Asana, but sometimes we have to, either to address others’ needs who may not be using Asana, and even sometimes for our own purposes when we need a slightly different view of our content to what Asana provides


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