Zoho Quick Dial

Zoho Quick Dial 1.27.6

Zoho Quick Dial:Dial any number from any web page directly from your browser. 从任何网页直接从您的浏览器拨打任何号码。..

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Zoho Quick Dial

Zoho Quick Dial 简介

Click to call for Yealink, Snom, Polycom, VTech and Cisco series 500 devices (Zoho CRM compatible)

Dial any number from any web page directly from your browser. Zoho CRM users can now enjoy the benefits of Click-to-dial calling which will boost productivity and increase employee efficiency. This integration allows users to make calls from Zoho CRM in a single click. Avoid jumping multiple devices and save time in handling each call.
Automatic call logging
All outbound calls will be logged automatically inside Zoho CRM directly on your Lead Activity window. You can avoid manual logging of call details and have it all tracked instantly within Zoho CRM.
• For Zoho CRM integration, you need a Zoho CRM account


单击此处可呼叫YealLink、Snom、Polycom、VTech和Cisco series 500设备(与Zoho CRM兼容)

直接从浏览器的任何网页拨打任何号码。Zoho CRM用户现在可以享受点击拨号呼叫的好处,这将提高生产力和员工效率。这种集成允许用户在一次单击中从Zoho CRM打电话。避免跳过多个设备,并节省处理每个呼叫的时间。
所有出站呼叫都将直接在Lead Activity窗口的Zoho CRM中自动记录。您可以避免手动记录呼叫详细信息,并在Zoho CRM中立即对其进行跟踪。
•对于Zoho CRM集成,您需要一个Zoho CRM帐户


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