Biba for Google Calendar

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Biba for Google Calendar:Easily schedule Biba meetings from your Google Calendar...

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Biba for Google Calendar
Biba for Google Calendar

Biba for Google Calendar 简介

Biba provides a simple yet high-quality way to communicate, whether through online meetings, video conferencing or business chat.

Scheduling a Biba meeting is even easier with the Chrome extension for Google Calendar. To schedule a Biba meeting:

1. Create a new Google Calendar Event
2. Click “Make it a Biba meeting” next to “Biba” below “Where”.
3. Select the meeting ID type and click OK.
4. You’ll notice the meeting details/guests are added to the invitation. Finish filling in your meeting details and click Save to send the invite.

With Biba, you’ll get:
Meetings that call you at start time
Ability to host calls for up to 100 attendees
Screen share, video conferencing, and meeting chat capabilities
Option for attendees to join with no downloads using a browser and dial-in
…and more

Get the Biba Google Calendar extension now!


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