Reddit Rage Spree

Reddit Rage Spree 1.3

If you're going to waste your time browsing rage comics, might as well be efficient about it!

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Reddit Rage Spree

Reddit Rage Spree简介

If you’re going to waste your time browsing rage comics, might as well be efficient about it! Reddit Rage Spree lets you go to any subreddit (I highly recommend f7u12) and open up all links on the page in new tabs.

Recap of how it works:
1) Go to your favorite subreddit.
2) Click the Reddit Rage Spree icon.
3) Watch as all the links open up in new tabs!

****UPDATE 12/6****
— Changed from browser action (persistent icon on extension bar) to page action (icon only appears when browsing reddit)
— Fixed bug -> sometimes even if you were browsing reddit, clicking the icon would not open up new tabs and it would think you’re on a different site. Turns out, it only happens if you open up reddit, and while it loads you jump to another tab.

****UPDATE 12/15****
— Fixed bug -> for some reason Reddit changed some link classes, so it only opened up half the links. Now it opens all of them, and also does not include the ads (as always).


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