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The Plum District VIP Rewards Program Saves You An Extra 10% Off Every Purchase. Automatically! 梅子区VIP奖励计划为您每次购买节省10%的额外折扣。自动!..

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Plum District
Plum District

Plum District 简介

Get an additional 10% off every purchase!

As a member of the Plum District VIP Rewards program you instantly redeem additional savings. No registration is necessary. Just download our VIP Rewards browser app and earn an extra 10% savings on every online purchase.

Extension Features:
★ No need to click around to search for savings
★ When you shop for something Plum District carries you receive a discreet savings alert
★ When you make an online purchase 10% savings are automatically applied at check out
VIP Treatment:
★ 100% free, discreet, secure, no malware
★ No registration needed
★ Does not collect personally identifying information
★ Easy to turn off

Download the Plum District VIP Rewards browser app now to start saving money!

New products and sales added daily!

Shoppers that like Zulily, Red Tricycle, and Mamasource will love redeeming extra savings from Plum District.

Price comparison shoppers using Invisible Hand, PriceBlink, Shopping Assistant, The Camelizer, Ookong, Amazon Price Tracker from, The Tracktor - Amazon Price Tracker, ExtraBux, Amazon Windowshop, The Best Price, eBay Deals, Cloud Shopper, Google Offers, Add to Amazon Wish List, extension, Mini Maps, DealExtreme, Groupon Deals, LivingSocial, CouponDetector from,, Coupon Code Finder, House Plans, Join Honey, Shop Genius, and App store discount will enjoy the extra VIP Rewards savings from Plum District.

The VIP Rewards browser app is brought to you by Plum District and powered by

Download the Plum District VIP Rewards browser app now to start saving money!

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喜欢Zully、Red Tricycle和Mamasource的购物者会喜欢从Plum District兑换额外的储蓄。

价格比较购物者使用无形之手、PriceBlink、购物助理、Camelizer、Ookong、来自Keepa.com的Amazon Price Tracker、Tractor-Amazon Price Tracker、ExtraBux、Amazon Windowshop、Best Price,易趣交易、云购物者、谷歌优惠、添加到亚马逊愿望列表、ShopAtHome.com扩展、迷你地图、DealExtreme、Groupon交易、LivingSocial、来自CouponCabin.com的CouponDetector、、优惠券代码查找器、房屋计划、Join Honey、Shop Genius和App store折扣将享受来自Plum District的额外VIP奖励储蓄。

VIP奖励浏览器应用程序由Plum District为您提供,并由SaveScoop.com提供支持。




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