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Crelate Talent Chrome Extension 3.1.8

Crelate Talent Chrome Extension:Uses text from a web page to create a contact record inside of Crelate Talent..

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Crelate Talent Chrome Extension

Crelate Talent Chrome Extension 简介

NEW in 3.1.8

- Bug fixes

The Crelate Talent Chrome Extension is an extension that can be added to your Google Chrome browser to allow you to import and update contacts directly from webpages without having to manually enter information into Crelate. This allows you to:

Have our extension automatically try and find contact information from a webpage you are viewing or from a text selection and return to you a contact form that you can then import into Crelate. The information that is imported can also be used to generate a PDF resume for the Contact. If the parser finds a suitable profile picture on the page, it will attempt to import that as well!

When viewing a page that can be identified as an existing contact in the system, update the contact with the information available on the page.


- Updated the experience when matching on duplicate contacts to be more clear on what’s happening
- Added support for Custom Fields
- The extension will now remember your settings for “Import profile pictures” and “Auto generate PDF” in the menu


- Fixed a bug that was causing parsing errors with education
- Added warning messages when users do not have the permissions to create school or degree records


- Updating our code to take advantage of engineering improvements to improve the performance of this extension
- Bug fixes


- Bug Fixes


- Improved performance of the extension
- Improved ability to find images on the page


- Improved the extension’s ability to find profile pictures on the page


- Fixed an issue affecting Chrome OS users


- Add to List - Add contacts directly to a list that you have access to!
- Add to Job filter - The Add to Job input only lists Open Jobs now
- Minor typo and bug fixes


- Performance improvements - We now compress the data that we send up to our servers for parsing which should provide a noticeable reduction in parse times.
- Various bug fixes


- Icon Indicator - When visiting a page that Crelate recognizes, the icon will turn green to let you know!
- Automatically Generated PDFs - New option to automatically generate a PDF from the parsed contact data
- Disable auto-ownership - Ability to disable automatic ownership by creator as a sticky menu setting
- Performance Tweaks - A lot of under the hood tweaks to improve performance and parse pages as quickly as possible
- Bug Fixes - This release includes a healthy does of bug fixes to keep the extension running smooth!


- Even when no data is parsed, the Current Position, Email, Phone, Address, Website, and Source fields are displayed for easier data entry
- Bug Fixes


- Bug fix


- View existing contact information as well as new information from webpages that you visit.
- Bug fixes


- New setting to disable profile picture import by default
- Bug fixes


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