YoCoBoard: An Online Time Tracker

YoCoBoard: An Online Time Tracker 2.6.6

YoCoBoard: An Online Time Tracker:Add YoCo to Chrome and track real time work hours and productivity right away...

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YoCoBoard: An Online Time Tracker
YoCoBoard: An Online Time Tracker
YoCoBoard: An Online Time Tracker

YoCoBoard 简介

Take your clock everywhere you go! With YoCoBoard’s chrome extension, clock in and clock out of your project without leaving your favorite web page. Just sign in to your YoCoBoard profile once and you’re set. Whether you’re checking an important email or preparing a draft for your presentation, you’ll always be able to access your YoCoBoard no matter where you are. Pretty handy, right?

It’s just 3 steps away
1. Click on “Add to Chrome”
2. Login to YoCoBoard from the extension menu.
3. Start tracking

YoCoBoard overview

YoCoBoard facilitates time tracking with just a click. Discover an online virtual time tracker that requires minimal effort from your end to start tracking time. YoCoBoard is the no-fuss app for your time tracking needs.The YoCoBoard web app promises you an incredible solution for your time tracking needs. The web app comes loaded with powerful features embedded in a user-friendly environment.

Wanna try out more? Goto this website https://www.yocoboard.com

YoCoBoard features

*Track time with a click
*Sleek reports
*Confirm hours
*Create adjustments

If you have any problems or feedback regarding YoCoBoard chrome extension, write to us at support@yocoboard.com


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