Add to Toodledo

Add to Toodledo

Add tasks to with ease using the Add to Toodledo extension! You can also display a badge to see how many tasks remain...

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Add to Toodledo
Add to Toodledo
Add to Toodledo
Add to Toodledo

Add to Toodledo 简介


-Clicking on the extension icon adds a Toodledo task using the title and URL of the current website.
-Dates, tags, and all other task properties can be set when adding a task. Values set for these properties can be saved as the default values for future tasks.
-Selected text on the web page may be set as the name of a new task or as the text of a note.
-Quickly add a task by right clicking on the web page or using shortcut keys.
-Adding a task causes a Chrome notification to appear. Clicking on the notification will take you directly to that task.
-You can display the number of remaining tasks with a badge on the extension icon. On the Options menu, you can modify the criteria used to include tasks in this count.

*A Toodledo account is required to use this extension.


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