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Ally: Your Personal Assistant of the Web

Ally x Stanford is designed to serve the Stanford student community to reduce the stresses caused by Axess and SimpleEnroll. Now, with one click, Ally can skip the waitlists and enroll you in the class you want! It won’t stop trying until you’re successfully enrolled. After your schedule is complete, let Ally download it into your calendar! More Stanford specific tools are on the way (planned schedule downloading, meal plan management etc.)

In order to provide these features Ally needs to know what actions people are doing on Axess, like clicking on links. As a result Ally will track ONLY track basic events like clicks and actions on Axess. Ally never tracks what you type or your personal/sensitive information. All data Ally tracks is unidentifiable (I have no idea who what data belongs to). When data is being tracked Ally will be displayed in grey.

We appreciate your feedbacks and bug reports!

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