Design Manager Product Clipper

Design Manager Product Clipper 1.4


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Design Manager Product Clipper
Design Manager Product Clipper
Design Manager Product Clipper
Design Manager Product Clipper

Design Manager Product Clipper简介

Design Manager’s mission is to give interior designers the best tools and services in the world. Since 1984, we have been dedicated to serving the design community. We deliver project management and accounting software that saves time, money, and frustration, while eliminating countless hours of paperwork.

The Design Manager Product Clipper helps you capture item specification pictures & product details from your vendor’s website. Simply click on pictures and text of product details to bring into Pro Cloud.

The Product Clipper helps you work faster by connecting your Design Manager Pro Cloud with your Vendors through the Chrome browser.

Less frustration + less paperwork = happy designers.

*Product Clipper users are required to have a Design Manager Pro Cloud user account at version 530 or higher.



Design Manager产品裁剪器可帮助您从供应商网站捕获项目规格图片和产品详细信息。只需点击产品详细信息的图片和文本即可进入Pro Cloud。

产品裁剪器通过Chrome浏览器将Design Manager Pro Cloud与供应商连接,帮助您更快地工作。


*产品裁剪器用户需要有Design Manager Pro530或更高版本的云用户帐户


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