EarSoft Level

EarSoft Level 0.1.3

EarSoft Level:Level stops sound going too loud or quiet while keeping all the excitement intact...

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EarSoft Level
EarSoft Level
EarSoft Level
EarSoft Level

EarSoft Level 简介

Slide your way to quality sound for any environment.

Get the most functionality out of the speakers in any laptop or Windows tablet. Level improves your audial experience by coming alive when it detects playable content.

Forget menus to navigate through for the perfect sound settings. Interactively slide your way to invigorating sound with the optimum dynamic range. For louder environments slide up, and in quieter environments slide down.

Without losing atmosphere:
- Hear your content over background noise
- Enjoy easy listening through the day
- Capture the cinema feel late at night
- Engage party mode and blast the tunes

Please note that this extension is a prototype and only works with HTML5 content.


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