Lemon X

Lemon X 1.7.1

Lemon X:View/download Twitter images at original size. Search MyAnimeList. Reverse search images on SauceNao. Translate text with Google...

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Lemon X
Lemon X
Lemon X
Lemon X

Lemon X 简介

Extension originally made for personal use. Uploaded to the Web Store for easy installation.

Adds context menu for images
* Reverse image search with SauceNAO

Adds context menu for highlighted text
* Translate selected text with Google Translate

Adds toolbar button
* Quickly search MyAnimeList

Improved Twitter
* Redirect Twitter image URLs to the original size and quality version
* Download Twitter images as image files instead of Twitter’s jpg-large files

Every feature can be disabled in the options.
* Supports Chrome’s Cloud Sync
Read and change your data on pbs.twimg.com
* Used to redirect Twitter images to the original size
Read and change your data on twitter.com and mobile.twitter.com
* Used to redirect Twitter timeline thumbnail images to the original size
2019/12/17 1.7.1
- Twitter timeline thumbnails are now also re-directed to the original size
2019/07/28 1.6.3
- Improved support for Twitter 2019
2019/07/20 1.6.0
- Added support for Twitter 2019 design
2018/06/06 1.5.3
- Fixed Twitter features
2018/06/04 1.5.1
- Translate Text now supports all the languages
- Now support Chrome’s Cloud Sync
- Fixed settings resetting to default on browser restarts
- Options page is now neater


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