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is not affiliated with LinkedinLinked Booster offer 7 trial days for your exciting experience with us! We offer special promotion wi..

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Linked Booster
Linked Booster
Linked Booster

Linked Booster简介

Linked Booster is not affiliated with Linkedin. Linked Booster offer 7 trial days for your exciting experience with us!
We offer special promotion with 20% off for all Linked Booster packages, for fighting out with COVID-19 virus Let’s us do the work for you.

The one that allows you to auto connect with your targeted customers, visit hundreds of profiles a day, get access to your personal CRM page, support social selling, and even generate LinkedIn users lead…
For recruiters, Linked Booster can help you to source and hire new candidates, new talents.
So the good news is here! Our Linked Booster is your perfect solution! It is also a perfect match to use together with Linkedin Sales Navigator extension to relieve and manage Linkedin activities.

Let Linked Booster be your virtual assistant on LinkedIn. Check out what you can do with Linked Booster.
We do not store user information from Linkedin automatically on our server.

1. LinkedIn auto connect
Just click “Connect All” on search page results or “Connect all profiles” from Dashboard page and Linked Booster will help you make meaningful connections faster and more easily. Relieve your work on LinkedIn. Sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee. Why not? Just enjoy the automation

2. Tags & Notes
Add tags and notes to your high quality leads on LinkedIn. You can segment and organize all those notes and tags through your personal CMR page.

3. Dashboard
Manage your personal CRM page. It’s an alternative LinkedIn tool not only for sales but also for recruiters with a powerful capability of generating thousands of lead in a shorter period of time.

4. Dark theme
It is the first Linkedin support tool with dark theme (night mode) - your eyes will thank you . You still can enjoy recruiting and sales tool like Dux Soup, Linked Helper, Octopus CRM but with relieving spirit.

5. Snatch Profiles (Auto tag)
Giving tags and adding several high quality leads on LinkedIn to your personal CMR page automatically. This tool will help you create your lists of data based on your search results and improve your talent acquisition.

6. Auto Engagement:
When you connect a new connection, you also auto visit their profiles. Did you know around 8% of all visited profiles return to read your profile and your offer service!
One of the best tool for remote working ! Stay at home while still be comfortable with sales and marketing online

- Upgrade core architecture
- Dark theme improvements
- Snatch Profiles (Auto tag)

- Linkedin Dark themes

- Add Customer Support page
- Add Linkedin Logged information & badge numbers to popup

- Allow tagging & note in each profile
- New data architecture

- Display Connect All button in People search results page without refreshing page
- New architecture to improve performance & stability

- Allow users to add customized message when connecting with people

For more information:
Official website:
Support email:

We truly hope that our Linked Booster will be your most helpful assistant on LinkedIn.
And if you are happy with our product, please leave a review on our Chrome Store.

Enjoy LinkedIn with Linked Booster!

Best wishes,

Linked Booster Team.


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