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MBCEn 简介

NOTICE: As My Big Campus will be changing significantly and my school will no longer be utilizing it, development of MBCEn will officially end on May 27th.

This extension adds features to My Big Campus to for aesthetic and functional purposes. These features include:

-night mode (toggleable)
-addition of picture of user’s fourth following to match followers
-excessively long posts are collapsed and can be seen with hover
-accurate number of messages is displayed
-senders of unread messages are displayed in popup when icon is hovered
-accurate number of schoolworks is displayed
-names of to-do schoolworks are displayed in popup when icon is hovered (now clickable)
-display popup containing precise time posted when time is hovered
-page title reflects number of notifications
-notifications display on hover
-avatars are shown as squares
-sidebar is fixed in place
-information about notifications is displayed when they are hovered
-option to disable HTML in messages
-reorganize certain elements by entering “Edit Layout” mode found under the profile tab
-notification sounds (now mutable)
-send messages with command+.
-messages number updates live
-NEW hover over your groups on the right side of the activity page to bring up a handy group menu

This software is in no way affiliated with or supported by My Big Campus or Lightspeed Systems.


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