Vimeo Repeat/Loop Videos with A-B Repeat

Vimeo Repeat/Loop Videos with A-B Repeat 2

Vimeo Repeat/Loop Videos with A-B Repeat:Repeat or loop Vimeo Videos with A-B repeat function...

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Vimeo Repeat/Loop Videos with A-B Repeat

Vimeo Repeat/Loop Videos with A 简介

This will repeat/loop Vimeo videos with A-B repeat function.

If there are duplicate repeat or a/b buttons, please use only one set of buttons.

To use the A-B repeat, click on it once to record the “A” time. Click on it again to record the “B” time. Then it will repeat those two recorded times. Use only one a-b button because there may be 2 buttons which appears. You can also select the “repeat” button to repeat the whole video.

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