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Usage: Download torrent-file and new tab with it's content will appear immediately! Magnet links are also supported. What's new? 1. Torrent file h..

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Webtor.io - Watch torrents online


Download torrent-file and new tab with it’s content will appear immediately! Magnet links are also supported.

What’s new?
1. Torrent file handling improved (“Allow Access to file URLs” option must be enabled on extension settings page)

1. Instant streaming - You don’t have to wait while the whole file loads. Webtor will start streaming from the first byte. You don’t have to think where to download torrents and spend your hard drive space anymore.
2. Download everything as ZIP-archive - yes, you had share ability earlier as well, but now we have separate button. On click it will show dropdown with
all available social networks.
3. On-the-fly transcoding - Webtor automatically converts audio and video to the desired playback format suitable for your browser. Webtor supports video in AVI and MKV formats and lossless FLAC audio.
4. Cross-platform - you do not need additional extensions and plug-ins. Webtor streams torrent-files on any device where the Chrome browser starts, whether it’s Windows, Mac or Linux.
5. Absolutely free -Webtor only supported by ads without any restrictions.
6. No registration - We do not track your activity and do not store any data about you. Your visit is absolutely anonymous.
7. On a big screen - Webtor can cast video to your TV screen. TV box with Google Cast support required.


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