Secure Email

Secure Email

The Secure Email client extension, now available as a beta, offers you the strongest encryption available for email comm..

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Secure Email
Secure Email
Secure Email
Secure Email

Secure Email 简介

The Secure Email client extension, now available as a beta, offers you the strongest encryption available for email communication, PGP. A veteran of the open source battlefield, PGP has been tested by thousands, and found to be THE standard for email privacy protection. Secure Email makes PGP easy to use, and available to anyone. Files and extensions are encrypted as well, with the option to hide even the type of file until unencrypted. (If option selected, attachments are shown as “Attachment.pgp”.) Secure Email can be used on your Android device, version 4.0 and above, your Blackberry, version 6 and up, and now, with this extension, it can be used with Outlook Desktop, Firefox, and of course, Google Chrome.

This extension requires a paid subscription to the Secure Email service to function

Why Secure Email:

Our service protects your email throughout it’s lifecycle, on your device, en route, on the server, and upon delivery to the recipient, who can be absolutely confident the email came from you, and vice versa.

With Secure Email, you can:

1. Send secure email to any email client using PGP encryption.
2. Protect files and attachments sent by email
3. Verify the identity of any sender at any time.
4. Change your public and private keys at any time.
5. Send regular email to any recipient without Secure Email.

How to purchase a subscription:

You can purchase a Secure Email account on our Secure Group site ( It is available in an Android package, called Secure Pack, and in our new Secure Phone.
If on the Secure Group site, select ‘Secure Pack’.

1. Click the ‘Order now’ button.
2. Choose an existing or create a domain for your account.
3. Select the desired options for billing cycle, server host location, and your account details (username, password etc.)
4. Confirm details and provide purchase gateway information.
5. You will receive an email containing login details after the registration is accomplished.

How to install:

1. Download the application.
2. Sign up and register your new email address with us.
3. Sign into the application with your new credentials.
4. Follow our tutorial video to create your keys
5. Send encrypted email to other PGP recipients

Who Can Use It?

Secure Email offers clients for and is compatible with Outlook Desktop, Google Chrome and Firefox. It is available on Android devices version 4 and up, and Blackberry devices above version 6. It is part of an bundled encrypted communication solution called Secure Pack, including Secure Chat and Secure Voice, found on our website. In addition, it is found along with our complete repertoire of security applications on our new Secure Phone offering. For more information, go to


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