Boise State University New Tab

Boise State University New Tab 3.10.3

Boise State University New Tab:A better new tab experience with Boise State University..

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Boise State University New Tab
Boise State University New Tab
Boise State University New Tab

Boise State University New Tab 简介

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*The latest news, features and video
*Direct links to social media
*Simple, clean layout, removing tiles from view

***More features to improve the user experience will be coming in the near future!

Note: this is NOT a Chrome theme, it’s a new tab page that includes a unique design. Search the THEMES section if you want the theme only version of this experience.

We have over 300 new tab experiences to choose from, see our MyWeb extension to get access to all of them. This extension offers direct, convenient web search and features from a New Tab page.


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