Cornify - 独角兽和彩虹幸福!!!

Cornify - 独角兽和彩虹幸福!!! 1.6.1

现在也检测到假新闻网站。注意图标中的黑色彩虹。如果你看到它们,也许会假设你正在看的网站上的一些内容充满了想象力和创造力。 闪耀你的生活与独角兽和彩..

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Cornify - 独角兽和彩虹幸福!!!
Cornify - 独角兽和彩虹幸福!!!
Cornify - 独角兽和彩虹幸福!!!
Cornify - 独角兽和彩虹幸福!!!


Cornify now also detects fake news websites. Watch for the black rainbows in the icon. If you see them, maybe assume that some of the content on the website you are looking at is full of imagination and creativity.

Sparkle up your life with the amazing power of unicorn and rainbow happiness! Cornify welcomes you to a life of extreme unicorn love. Press the button to get infinite (it’s true) unicorns and rainbows, right in your browser. It’s incredible!

Since 2009, Cornify has spread over 150 million unicorns and rainbows across the Internet.



闪耀你的生活与独角兽和彩虹幸福的惊人力量!Cornify欢迎你来到极端独角兽爱情的生活。按下按钮,以获得无限 (这是真的) 独角兽和彩虹,就在你的浏览器。太不可思议了!



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