Janus Workspace New Tab

Janus Workspace New Tab 5.4.12

Janus Workspace New Tab:Janus Workspace creates a page into a workspace with frames with their own navigation...

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Janus Workspace New Tab
Janus Workspace New Tab
Janus Workspace New Tab

Janus Workspace New Tab 简介

Janus Workspace transforms your new tab page to a split screen workstation.

It is like TweetDeck but not only for twitter and like SublimeText’s split screen but not only for text files and its also better.

It is mainly targeted at developers, startup owners, tech geeks, anyone that needs to have multiple open websites and track them all.
Things that will be added next:
-individual size and positioning for different frames/windows
-simultaneous scroll for all frames/windows
-fixing support for youtube, facebook, etc.


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