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Tiny TRC Ticker

Tiny TRC Ticker简介

Have a hard time getting things done at work because you can’t stop staring at charts all day? This extension is for you.

Tiny TRC Ticker is a minimalistic price ticker for Terracoins with zero bells and whistles and focus on doing its job. Features:

- Shows current exchange rate on its icon, updates every minute
- Supports BTC, USD and EUR exchange rates
- Alert notifications, can notify you of price changes with a customizable threshold.
- Alerts work with the icon hidden (perfect if you don’t want to be constantly distracted by the price but still be alerted when there’s a major price change)

If you found it handy, please consider buying me a beer (or whisky, in bitcoinity tradition):
BTC: 19xQFJabE9ga4kjnKTV94JTirnjy9TKNN9

This extension requests “your data” on btc-e.com, mtgox.com and vircurex.com. I know, I know, this sounds shady as heck, in reality all this extension does is querying the publically available APIs of these sites to fetch the price directly from them, but unfortunately Chrome permission system granularity is non-existent; I’d love to be able to be more specific with the permissions, but it’s all or nothing with Chrome, that is, either one asks for permission to access mtgox.com or one can’t query their APIs at all from the extension (to name an example). Note that the extension works just fine if you are logged out of all the aforementioned exchanges, so you might want to consider logging out before installing the extension for extra peace of mind. In fact, your account is probably safest on the wild internet west if you are never logged in except when you specifically want to trade — this is what I’d recommend doing if you are concerned about security, cookies cannot be stolen if they don’t exist.



Tiny TRC Ticker是一个为Terracoins提供的最低价格的Ticker,它没有铃声和口哨,专注于完成它的工作。功能:




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