Penny Posting

Penny Posting 3.7.8

is an Google Chrome Extension that works within an user's You Got Listings ( account to facilitate ad postin..

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Penny Posting

Penny Posting简介

Penny Posting is an Google Chrome Extension that works within an user’s You Got Listings ( account to facilitate ad posting of rental properties to top rental websites. An You Got Listings premium account is required to use this extension.

This extension automates certain ad posting steps and helps fill in rental property content and upload images.

3.7.8 - Fix Renthop and Facebook posting.

3.7.6 - Fix Craiglist Map error.

3.7.5 - Fixing Facebook address field auto fill.

3.7.4 - Fixing Craigslist geo map page looping due to error message.

3.7.3 - Fixing form filling by escaping newlines. Automating extra step of Add Listing Details.

3.7.2 - Fixing form filling by escaping single quotes.

3.7.1 - Fixing the manifest file.

3.7.0 - Updating the extension to support’s new posting interface.

3.6.2 - Fix Zillow form filling.

3.6.1 - Fix bug with Facebook Marketplace form filling.

3.6.0 - Support for New Facebook Marketplace styles.

3.5.8 - Fix the Craigslist’s field name change.

3.5.7 - Fixed Zillow posting due to UI change.

3.5.6 - Fix Craigslist posting bedroom field filling.

3.5.5 - Fix Zillow posting.

3.5.4 - Fixed Renthop’s redirect issue when ad is deleted.

3.5.3 - Fixing parking, laundry, furnished fields to be consistent across the different sites.

3.5.2 - Fix posting to Facebook & StreetEasy

3.5.0 - Posting to StreetEasy


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