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Intelliverse Email Tracker
Intelliverse Email Tracker

Intelliverse Email Tracker简介

The Intelliverse Email Tracker application lets you know WHEN your email was opened, WHERE it was opened, and on WHAT device. With these insights, you can more strategically plan when to follow up on your email. In fact, a recent study has proven that you are 10x more likely to get someone on the phone if you call just after they have opened and read an email from you.

Intelliverse Email Tracker Features
• Real-time notification when emails are opened
• See how many times an email was opened, on what device and in what location
• Unlimited use. Track every email you send
• Know the best time to follow up. A call to someone that has just opened your email is 10x more likely to result in a live conversation
• Reconnect after an old email starts to get opened up again
• Your emails get sent as normal, from your own email server. Intelliverse cannot access the contents of your email.
• Intelliverse is a trusted cloud software provider, achieving an ‘A+’ accreditation from the BBB.


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