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BookMap:Significantly decreases the time it takes to save a bookmark to a desired folder...

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BookMap 简介

*Highly recommended you set up hotkeys before using.*

Open the console and begin typing a folder name. When your target folder is selected press tab or enter to add a bookmark to it.

There are also 4 hot-keys that you can assign to folders for instant bookmark creation.


1) Why does this extension ask to use my history? - History is coupled with tab access in chrome. If you view the code you’ll see there’s no interaction with your history whatsoever.

2) Why only 4 hotkeys? - This is currently the max hotkeys allowed on a chrome extension. If there’s demand, it’s possible BookMap could be recreated as Chrome App to make more mapping available.

3) What’s next? - After some UI improvement, BookMap will be getting pop-up notifications to provide additional feedback upon creating a bookmark.


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