SLT Usage Meter

SLT Usage Meter 3.2

SLT Usage Meter:This extension allows you to check your SLT broadband usage...

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SLT Usage Meter
SLT Usage Meter
SLT Usage Meter
SLT Usage Meter

SLT Usage Meter 简介

Now works with Captcha Code! If you are a Sri Lankan SLT Broadband user, you normally log into their website to check your monthly usage. This small extension allows you to check the usage just by clicking a button. Enjoy!

How to use:
1. Enter your User Id and click Next. Your user id is the part before the @ sign in your broadband username.
2. Now enter your Portal Password and click Save. If you have not registered yet, please go to
3. Boom! Your monthly total usage will be shown along with the peak download volume. The background color will change when you are near the end of your quota.
4. Click anywhere on the panel to get different views of the same. Your preference will be saved.
5. Click the 3 dots to modify your credentials.

If you want the same;
for Firefox, it’s here:
for Android, it’s here:


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