Music Plus for Google Play Music

Music Plus for Google Play Music 0.4.13

Music Plus为Google Play Music添加控件、通知、迷你播放器、Last.fm支持和歌词。 注意:您需要有Google Play Music帐户才能使用此扩展。目前谷歌播放音乐是测试版,只在美国提供。如果在Google的“播放音乐..

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Music Plus for Google Play Music
Music Plus for Google Play Music
Music Plus for Google Play Music
Music Plus for Google Play Music

Music Plus for Google Play Music简介

Music Plus adds controls, notifications, a mini-player, support, and lyrics to Google Play Music.

Note: You need to have a Google Play Music account to use this extension. Currently Google Play Music is in beta and only available in the United States. If you’re not seeing an enabled feature in your Google Play Music tab, try refreshing your Google Play Music tab.

Features (most can be enabled or disabled in the extension options):

- Adds artist and album bios to Google Play Music from
- Scrobbles tracks to (by Daniel Slaughter
- Fetch lyrics for the currently playing track (by Chris Hendry
- Shows notifications when tracks change
- In “mini-player” mode, notification is persistent and provides you with a mini-player to control playback from anywhere.
- Lets you control or navigate your library from a popup

Latest release:

- Updated script version.

Author: Adam Pash

The extension does not collect any information, but requires access to your other tabs and browser history for functionality.

This extension is made from a combination of scripts I wrote and userscripts written by others. If you’d like to help out by contributing a new feature or fixing bugs, you can fork the source on GitHub:

Note: Daniel Slaughter has a donate link in his scrobbler. Feel free to donate to him, but those donations are not linked to me or this extension. If you’d like to donate to support development of this extension, you can do so here:


Music Plus为Google Play Music添加控件、通知、迷你播放器、Last.fm支持和歌词。

注意:您需要有Google Play Music帐户才能使用此扩展。目前谷歌播放音乐是测试版,只在美国提供。如果在Google的“播放音乐”选项卡中看不到已启用的功能,尝试刷新您的Google Play Music选项卡。


-将艺术家和专辑bios添加到Google Play Music from
-将曲目搜索到作者:Daniel Slaughter Music with lastfm/)
-获取当前的歌词播放曲目(作者Chris Hendry



作者:Adam Pash


BR>注释:Daniel Slaughter在他的F.S.F.ScRablor中有一个捐赠链接。你可以随意向他捐款,但这些捐款与我或这个分机无关。如果你想捐款支持这个扩展的开发,你可以在这里捐款:


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