textlint: Proofreader

textlint: Proofreader 2.1.1

Proofread your texts as you type based on textlint rules!..

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textlint: Proofreader
textlint: Proofreader
textlint: Proofreader

textlint 简介

textlint is a pluggable, extensible and awesome tool to proofread your texts.
And this extension is a wrapper to use textlint on your browser!

To know about “textlint”, visit http://textlint.github.io/ for details.

Once you activate this extension, you will see red highlighting markers on your text you are just typing. They show you the errors found by textlint and you can correct them visually.

textlint has also “Auto-Fix” feature that corrects your text automagically! Of course you can revert it if you don’t like it.

* Since textlint is not supporting web browsers, some linting rules cannot work on the browser as well. So this extension bundles linting rules and supports them to run on the browser.
* “Auto-Fix” feature is currently supported by only a few linting rules.


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