Yammer Desktop Notifier

Yammer Desktop Notifier 1.2.4

Yammer Desktop Notifier provides desktop notifications when you receive new private Yammer chat messages...

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Yammer Desktop Notifier

Yammer Desktop Notifier 简介

A simple, lightweight extension to notify you of Yammer private messages.

Just install the extension, and ensure you have logged in to Yammer recently. You’ll receive notifications whether you have Yammer open or not.

New in v1.2.0: UI icon for enabling/disabling notifications. Fixed a bug with syncing user preferences to Chrome storage.
New in v1.1.0: will poll for message updates through the Yammer API if you are logged in, so you’ll be notified regardless of whether you have any Yammer tabs open, and (v1.0) will also analyse network requests on any Yammer tabs you do have open.

Contribute to the project at Github: https://github.com/janbaykara/Yammer-Desktop-Notifications


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