Better Scrollbar

Better Scrollbar 0.1.8

Better Scrollbar:A minimal scrollbar that gets out of your way...

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Better Scrollbar
Better Scrollbar

Better Scrollbar 简介

This plugin replaces the standard scrollbar with a more modern, skinnier, and less interfering one. This is modeled after the scrollbars used by Google in many of their services.

Explanation of “all data on all websites”:
For the extension to apply a scrollbar to any site, it must have the ability to modify the css for the current page. This means that “all websites” are injected with the appropriate styles.

Release 0.1.8 9/25/13:
Named changed back to “Better Scrollbar.”

Release 0.1.7 9/22/13:
Redesigned slightly, renamed to “Minimal Scrollbar.” New icons, slightly more visible.

Release 0.1.6 1/31/13:
Fixed issues with black background on some websites. Colors darkened slightly for users with difficulty seeing the scrollbar on their monitors.

Release 0.1.4, 7/25/12:
Scrollbars now look the same across horizontal and vertical pages.


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