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Share To Slack 1.002010

V1.002009Optional message box changed to resizable box to support longer message input. Multi-line comments now supported by pressing the ente..

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Share To Slack简介

V1.002009 - Optional message box changed to resizable box to support longer message input. Multi-line comments now supported by pressing the enter/return key. Cmd/CTRL+Enter/Return to quickly share link directly from comment box. Search icon added to indicate that users may search for people to share with, as well as scroll

V1.002008 - GA added to help understand usage

V1.002005 - Users can now hit the return key after entering a message to Share to Slack, rather than having to click the button. Focus added back to channel select after successful share to speed up future shares of same url

V1.002004 - Pagination of 200 channels per call added to account for large organisations

V1.002003 - Added support for display and usernames, should one or the other be missing from your profile

Share to Slack (STS) is a Chrome extension allowing users to quickly and easily share websites they are visiting with anyone in their Slack organization, whether that is public or private channels, or individual private messages with coworkers.

Built using the Slack API, STS retrieves a list of your public and private channels, as well as the users within your organization, and combines them into a searchable/scrollable list for easy navigation. After selecting a channel or individual user to share a link with, you are free to add an additional comment to your share to indicate why you may be sharing this URL.

STS requires the “Browsing History” Google Chrome permission in order to access the active URL you are visiting.

STS requires the user, group and channel Slack permissions in order to provide you with a list of potential entities to message.

To install STS, simply add the Chrome extension, visit the Settings page upon first launch and click the Auth button.

You will be asked to login to your respective Slack organization and accept the above mentioned permissions.

Once the permissions have been accepted, your account will be updated with the token, allowing you to share links from any Chrome browser, providing you are logged into you Google account.

To revoke STS’s permissions at any time, simply visit the Settings page and select the red “Revoke Access” button.


Disclaimer: Share to Slack is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.


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