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Welcome to Keeppy!

Keeppy is the only tool you need as you surf the web. Use it to collect, organize and edit the information that you find. With Keeppy, you can also add your own content and share your discoveries!

While browsing web, you can capture any quote, bookmark or picture, literally, by one click of the mouse. The quote you captured gets highlighted and remains so any time you visit this page again. (Handy, isn’t it?) You can use different colors for marking different quotes.
Captured quote instantly appears as “snippet” on the Keeppy web site.

What is a Snippet?

A Snippet is one piece of information, a building block of a Keeppy. When you use Keeppy’s extension to capture information from a webpage, Keeppy saves it as new Snippet for that information. You can also create a new Snippet for your own original content and fill it with any text or pictures that you can imagine! (This information is also a snippet.)

What is a Keeppy?

It is not “traditional” web notes tool. As you collect, create, and edit your Snippets, you can organize them into a document, which is called a Keeppy. You can decide the best way to display all your Snippets in your Keeppy, and there are a lot of options to help you with this. You can create, edit, and delete Snippets in your Keeppy. You can move a Snippet around inside your Keeppy, or you can move a Snippet to a completely different Keeppy. If you would like, you can share a Snippet or a Keeppy with friends and even get their help with it. And when you are ready, you can publish the Snippet or the Keeppy for anyone to see!

Good luck! Tell a story to the world. We look forward to your stories!


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