Medium Enhanced Stats

Medium Enhanced Stats 5.4.0

📊 Get overview about your total Medium reach and stats for articles and responses! ✨ FEATURES 📦 EXTENSION POPUP (in Chrome Toolbar) ✔️ Total reach..

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Medium Enhanced Stats
Medium Enhanced Stats
Medium Enhanced Stats
Medium Enhanced Stats

Medium Enhanced Stats简介

📊 Get overview about your total Medium reach and stats for articles and responses!


📦 EXTENSION POPUP (in Chrome Toolbar)
✔️ Total reach indicator and milestones
✔️ Milestone reached celebration animation
✔️ Summary article and responses table
✔️ Total article count, views, reads, fans, claps and claps per fan
✔️ User / publication selector (click user avatar in popup)
✔️ Download as an image and share with friends
✔️ Export and download stats as csv file

✔️ Bar chart article and response markers
✔️ Bar chart article contribution to daily total (“Show in chart” button)
✔️ Claps per article and claps per fan for every article
✔️ Summary row with total article count, views, reads, …

🔥 Sometimes, using extension can cause NOT being able to log into your Medium account, in that case you can disable / remove the extension, log into your Medium account on that device and install extension again

🤝 Introduction:
🐳 In-depth guide:


v5.4.0 - Add support for more than 100 articles ( or responses )
v5.3.0 - Add “Export and download as csv” button to extension popup
v5.2.0 - Add “Fans per Reads ratio” to stats page (based on user feedback)
v5.1.6 - Add missing notification type
v5.1.5 - Fix initial notification popup position on macOS
v5.1.4 - Fix unknown notifications by adding another follower notification type
v5.1.3 - Refresh notification popup on page navigation
v5.1.2 - Fix notification popup location on windows resize and navigation
v5.1.1 - Refresh notifications when navigating to various Medium pages
v5.1.0 - Refresh notifications after opening of the notifications list
v5.0.0 - Add notifications count popup
v4.10.4 - Fix “Download as an image” scaling on various monitors / resolutions
v4.10.3 - Fix “Download as an image” for some users (tainted canvas)
v4.10.2 - Fix critical bug with overwriting functions in global scope
v4.10.1 - Fix “Download as an image” for macOS Chrome
v4.10.0 - Add popup “Download as an image” and share functionality
v4.9.0 - New Claps per Views ratio in stats table (claps column)
v4.8.0 - Increase popup number precision
v4.7.0 - Membership indicator and requests performance logging
v4.6.0 - Add milestone description tooltip in the total reach indicator
v4.5.0 - Show date of publishing when hovering over article title
v4.4.0 - Add feedback form
v4.3.1 - Add anonymous remote error logging
v4.2.0 - Add followers count to total reach popup
v4.1.1 - Fix various stats calculations for missing or zero values
v4.1.0 - Add claps per fan in the stats table and total reach popup
v4.0.0 - Add toggle for article contribution to total daily views in bar chart
v3.3.0 - Add milestone reached animation
v3.2.0 - Add additional milestones
v3.1.0 - Update marketing assets
v3.0.1 - Support for publications
v2.4.5 - Show article markes in the bar chart
v2.3 - Show claps in stats table, show user info in popup, fix popup animation
v2.2 - Add reach indicator and milestones
v2.1 - Various small UI improvements and fixes
v2.0 - Show total articles and responses stats in popup and bottom of the stats page
v1.4 - Total articles count stats tracking
v1.3 - Extension popup with open stats button and total stats when applicable
v1.2 - Total stats for additional (syndicate) views of the Responses
v1.1 - Total stats for Responses and Series
v1.0 - Initial Release

👨🏻💻️ Did you know that the Medium Enhanced Stats is open source project?
⌨️ Check out source code -
🔀 Check out latest changes -


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⭕ Works in Opera too!
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