Scopus Document Download Manager

Scopus Document Download Manager 3.20

Scopus Document Download Manager:此扩展仅适用于Scopus身份验证的用户。Scopus下载管理器不会为未经身份验证的用户做任何事情。 Scopus文档下载管理器是一个免费的浏览器扩展,可以在Scopus中实现下载功能,以及Scopus身份验证用户的快速文档搜索功能。要进..

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Scopus Document Download Manager
Scopus Document Download Manager
Scopus Document Download Manager

Scopus Document Download Manager 简介

This extension only works for Scopus authenticated users. The Scopus download manager will not do anything for unauthenticated users.

Scopus Document Download Manager is a free browser extension enabling download functionality in Scopus, as well as a Quick Document Search function for Scopus authenticated users. To search, authenticated users can simply click on the browser extension icon to display the search form.

This extension saves authenticated users the hassle of visiting individual publisher web sites to download documents one by one. Instead, it seamlessly connects to publisher websites to download full text PDFs directly from your browser without needing to configure and maintain a list of entitlements.

How do you use this extension in Scopus?

1) From the document search results or document list pages, select one or several documents and click on Download button


2) From a Scopus abstract record page, click on Download button

When successfully downloaded, your PDF document(s) will be saved to your browser Downloads folder. In the event that the extension fails at retrieving the PDF (e.g. you are not entitled to the full text or the download is prevented by the publisher web site) the Document Download Manager will provide a link to the publisher web site so you can easily open the page and try to download the full text manually.






1) 从文档搜索结果或文档列表页面中,选择一个或多个文档,然后单击下载按钮


2) 从Scopus抽象记录页面,单击下载按钮

成功下载后,您的PDF文档将保存到浏览器下载文件夹中。如果扩展在检索PDF时失败 (例如g。您无权获得全文,或者下载被发布者网站阻止) 文档下载管理器将提供指向发布者网站的链接,以便您可以轻松打开页面并尝试手动下载全文。


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