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它还阻止了广告公司用于在线跟踪您的cookie,因此您的隐私受到保护。 我们在1800个最受欢迎的网站上测试了

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Ad Remover
Ad Remover
Ad Remover

Ad Remover简介

It also blocks tracking cookies used by advertising companies to track you online, so your privacy is protected.

We tested Ad Remover on the 1,800 most popular websites and on average the websites loaded 44% faster and used 19% less data with Ad Remover installed.

By installing the extension, you agree to Ad Remover’s Terms and Conditions ( and Privacy Policy ( Ad Remover uses a GPLv3 license.

Ad Remover requires these permissions to effectively block ads and provide you an easy to use ad blocking extension: contextMenus: this allows us to show you menus to control the ad blocking functionality, cookies: this allows us to check your Ad Remover license, notifications: this allows us to notify you if ad blocking is turned off, idle: this allows us to show timely notifications about ad blocking status, storage & unlimitedStorage: this allows us to store ad blocking rule lists and your ad blocking preferences securely on your computer, tabs: this allows us to run helper scripts to enhance ad blocking and ensure page content appears without whitespaces: webNavigation: this allows ad blocking to work, webRequest: this allows ad blocking to work, webRequestBlocking: this allows ad blocking to work, <all_urls> : this allows Ad Remover to block ads on all websites effectively.

Try Ad Remover FREE for 7 days, upgrade to get these premium benefits:
- Unlimited ad blocking
- Licenses for up to 5 devices
- App for blocking ads on your smartphone & tablet
- 7 days a week VIP phone and email customer support
- 30 day money back guarantee

This service is sold by Ad Remover, which in not affiliated with Google.



我们在1800个最受欢迎的网站上测试了Ad Remover,在安装Ad Remover的情况下,网站平均加载速度加快44%,使用数据量减少19%。

通过安装扩展,您同意Ad Remover的条款,并且条件(和隐私政策(。Ad Remover使用GPLv3许可证。

Ad Remover需要这些权限才能有效阻止广告并为您提供易于使用的广告阻止扩展:contextMenus:这允许我们向您显示控制广告阻止功能的菜单,Cookie:这允许我们检查您的广告删除许可证,通知:这允许我们通知您如果禁用了广告阻止,空闲:这允许我们及时显示有关广告阻止状态、存储和取消限制存储的通知:这允许我们在您的计算机上安全地存储广告阻止规则列表和您的广告阻止首选项,选项卡:这允许我们运行帮助程序脚本以增强广告阻止,并确保页面内容显示时不带空格:webNavigation:这允许广告阻止工作,webRequest:这允许广告阻止工作,webRequest blocking:这允许广告阻止工作,&lt;所有URL&gt;:这允许Ad Remover有效地阻止所有网站上的广告。

免费试用Ad Remover 7天,升级以获得这些额外的好处:

此服务由不隶属于谷歌的Ad Remover销售


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