Desktopify 2.7.4

Desktopify:Browse web mobile Instagram site directly from your Desktop (Pc / Mac)..

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Desktopify 简介

This very simple app allows you to access to the Instagram™ mobile website like you can do on your smartphone 📱but on your computer!

With this app you can now:

📷 Upload photos
📹 Upload videos
💬 Direct Messages are fully supported
🔍 Open / Download photos and videos in full HD
✔ Everything you can do normally on your phone on the Instagram™ mobile website (like, follow, comment, browse, ..)

Simple & Efficient

This app requires only the minimal permissions required to work to improve your security.

NB : previously named InstaDesktop


Instagram™ is a trademark of Instagram Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. This is an independent project developed by Devanco and has no relationship to Instagram™ or Instagram Inc.


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