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Instantly correct spelling, grammar and eloquence with

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Instantly correct spelling, grammar and eloquence with GradeProof’s intelligent algorithms.

GradeProof analyses your work for grammatical issues, helping you to check for and avoid all kinds of embarrassing mistakes.

It analyses your choice of words and phrase structure, using world-leading and patent-pending technology to improve the quality and flow of your writing.

GradeProof will even increase and decrease your word count on demand, all in a matter of seconds.

Features of the GradeProof Editor include:

★ Spell Checker
★ Grammar Checker
★ Rephrasing Analysis (including reword and paraphrase suggestions)
★ Word Count Targeting
★ The Eloquence Engine (Using our patent-pending artificial intelligence technology)
★ Plagiarism and originality detection

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Terms of Use:

Some of the fields where our users find GradeProof useful include:

➤ Improving style and sentence structure for content marketing
➤ Writing an english essay or paper for school
➤ Checking and polishing assignments for college or uni using appropriate synonyms and phrases from our thesaurus
➤ A journalist preparing an article for a newspaper or blog
➤ Writing eloquent copy and scanning for errors
➤ Refining business documents & reports
➤ Grading an academic thesis
➤ Teaching students how to write more effectively
➤ Optimising documents for reading by younger people
➤ Blogging about the difference between “gramer, gramar, grammer and grammar”

You don’t have to be Shakespeare or Hemingway to have perfect writing - just use GradeProof to proofread and write like a pro!

Some quotes from some of our users:

Steve, USA - “I can’t believe that GradeProof is free! It’s ideal for making sure all of my work is polished and professional”

Penny, Australia - “I use this product almost every day! The complex rephrasing component complements grammar products like Grammarly really well. Great job!”


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