Browse Plus

Browse Plus

Browse Plus:See offers and compare prices directly in Chrome. 直接在Chrome中查看报价和比较价格。..

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Browse Plus
Browse Plus
Browse Plus

Browse Plus 简介

Browse Plus is a browser extension that compares prices and helps you find the best deals while you search for products or shop online on various websites.

Online shopping is now faster, easier and better with Browse Plus which gives you the best shopping recommendations, just like having your own personal assistant.

Want to know how it works? It’s easy: the addon reads the page that you are viewing, understands what product you’re looking at and provides you with cheaper offers from other merchants.

You will also see similar products available at a lower price, including special deals and offers from thousands of reliable online merchants.


Browse Plus是一个浏览器扩展,它可以比较价格,帮助您在各种网站上搜索产品或在线购物时找到最优惠的价格。

与Browse Plus一起,网上购物现在更快、更方便、更好,它为您提供最佳购物建议,就像拥有自己的私人助理一样。




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