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is browsing history on steroids for Google Chrome. Since browsers were made about 2 decades ago, the history and bookmarking feature of br..

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Historian is browsing history on steroids for Google Chrome.

Since browsers were made about 2 decades ago, the history and bookmarking feature of browser has remained more or less the same. They have been nothing but a list of web pages stored without much context or order(except chronological). It is surprising that nothing more has been done with it for such a long time.

Historian attempts to break this monotony. Historian maintains the history of web pages as a trail. A trail which maintains information not only of the web page, but also the context of previous and next ones.

The trail is shown as a simple animated path with dots as web links and yellow-brown gradient strips between them as path. The yellow side of the strip is the source and brown side is the destination. The dots are numbered to show the order in which the pages were added to the trail.

Moving the mouse over the dot shows the title and link of the web page. Clicking will open the web page.

Imagine you are researching a topic and you browse several wiki pages relevant to your subject. When you need to bookmark it for later reference, you would want to bookmark all the pages as a collection rather than each one. You may also want to bookmark the order in which the pages were visited and the links you jumped back and forth. You can do all that with Historian.

Moreover you can add searchable tags and notes to the saved trail. Next time you open the trail, the browser will know all the pages in the trail and the order in which they were visited, exactly the way you save it. You can resume from where you left.

Historian also maintains a list of closed tabs (And all the pages that were visited in that tab). So you no longer have to worry if you have closed any tab by mistake.

Note on Privacy

Rest assured, Historian does NOT send any data to any servers or location outside your machine.


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