Quiver Web Clipper

Quiver Web Clipper 1.1.6

Quiver Web Clipper lets you clip web pages as Quiver notes. It also provides a clutter-free Reader View...

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Quiver Web Clipper
Quiver Web Clipper

Quiver Web Clipper 简介

* A clutter-free Reader View
* Markdown mode
* Clip a decluttered web page to Quiver as a text note or a Markdown note
* Clip a selection to Quiver (right click on a highlighted selection in the original web page and choose “Clip to Quiver”)
* Print a decluttered web page

* Please make sure that you are running Quiver v3.2.4 or above.
* The web clipper is designed to work with individual articles, not index pages. If you find an issue with an article page, please leave a review with a test link.


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Please note, that this is a beta version of this extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gkeojjjcdcopjkbelgbcpckplegclfeg AdGuard
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