XPath Helper Wizard

XPath Helper Wizard 3.0.24

XPath Helper Plus创建的XPath很短,如果网站发生更改,则不太可能中断。 如果父Xpath字段包含Xpath,则会生成与该父Xpath相关的所..

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XPath Helper Wizard
XPath Helper Wizard
XPath Helper Wizard
XPath Helper Wizard

XPath Helper Wizard简介

XPath Helper Plus creates xpaths that are short and less likely to break if the website changes.

If parent Xpath field contains an Xpath then all the subsequent Xpaths are generated relative to that parent Xpath.

IMPORTANT: After installing this extension, you must reload any existing tabs or restart Chrome for the extension to work.

1. Open a new tab and navigate to any webpage.
2. Hit Ctrl-Shift-X (or Command-Shift-X on OS X), or click the XPath Helper button in the toolbar, to open the XPath Helper console.
3. Hold down Shift as you mouse over elements on the page. The query box will continuously update to show the XPath query for the element below the mouse pointer, and the results box will show the results for the current query.
4. If desired, edit the XPath query directly in the console. The results box will immediately reflect your changes.
5. Repeat step (2) to close the console.

If the console gets in your way, hold down Shift and then move your mouse over it; it will move to the opposite side of the page.

One word of caution: When rendering HTML tables, Chrome inserts artificial <tbody> tags into the DOM, which will consequently show up in queries extracted by this extension.

Full Credits to Adam Sadovsky (https://github.com/google/xpaf) for creating a great tool.


XPath Helper Plus创建的XPath很短,如果网站发生更改,则不太可能中断。

2。按Ctrl-Shift-X(或OS X上的Command-Shift-X),或单击工具栏中的XPath助手按钮,打开XPath助手控制台。



亚当·萨多夫斯基(Adam Sadovsky,https://github.com/google/xpaf)创建一个伟大的工具的全部功劳。


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