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自动分析你想要的任何网站和视频上的国际象棋位置。 你喜欢看Ben Finegold,Agadmator,PowerPlayChess和其他人的国际象棋视频?现在..

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Automatically analyze chess positions on any website and video you want.

You like to watch chess videos from Ben Finegold, Agadmator, PowerPlayChess and others? Now you can analyze what they do why and why - live on the video! Stop wondering “is f6 good in this position or not”?

Need a tip while solving chess puzzles? Analyze a game on a website or a position in a chess book? - is here for you.

Click on the extension button to open the extension. Select options you want and click Scan! The position will open in the lichess board analysis where you can enable the engine, see evaluation and just play. You can also open an external analysis on either or

Help us make the most accurate chess board detector from images. If you have any suggestions or spotted any issues email me at



version 1.04
- UI adjusted for lichess 2.0 changes

version 1.03
- buttons for external analysis on and added



你喜欢看Ben Finegold,Agadmator,PowerPlayChess和其他人的国际象棋视频?现在你可以分析他们做什么,为什么和为什么-在视频上直播!不要再想 “f6在这个位置好还是不好”?









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