Scoop 4.0

Scoop:A relaxing launcher and support client for our valued employees and customers...

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Scoop 简介

Say Hello to Scoop - a new tab extension by Freshdesk where we share support tips from the support community around the world. Every week, we will share a new tip that will help you support better and create customer delight!

Do you have tips to share? Submit your tips and help everyone in support!


This extension hide newsfeed of popular social networks to prevent you being distracted. Private messages in this networks is still available. You m..
No Media
Prevent both Twitter and TweetDeck lag by blocking all tweet media! Helpful for power users, especially with large decks. Toggle on/off by clickin..
Scrollbar diet
Changes style of the scrollbars to resemble those used by Ubuntu.
Yeni Sekmeye Yeni Kelime
Türkçe İngilizce Kelime Ezber Uygulaması, her yeni sekmede yeni bir kelime görürsünüz.
500 piece puzzles, daily hyper casual game
500 piece puzzles, daily hyper casual game:Huge collection of free jigsaw puzzles hyper casual games. Solve your favorites puzzles while browsing the web...
Teamtailor sourcing
Teamtailor sourcing:Source candidates to Teamtailor from anywhere...