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TabZolo 简介

With TabZolo you can stand a chance against your multi-tab overload. If you’re tired of bombarding yourself with useless “read later” tabs that are too easy to accumulate then TabZolo may be the right cure for you. It’s built with a simple philosophy: commit to finishing what you start online before starting other things.

Toggling TabZolo ON puts a lockdown on Google Chrome that focuses your attention on one single tab in one single window at any given time while you’re in your browser. That is it. No more. No less.

When you toggle TabZolo OFF, Google Chrome is unshackled revitalizing it back to its fully functional, multi-tab/window-capable glorious self and restores your pre-existing tabs that were stored away to help you focus on TabZolo (if applicable).

We hope you like our efforts on helping you actually tackle your Internet tasks one tab at a time.

For more information, check out our info page at

A project by @mrdazm and @__leocorrea.


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