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Vegeta Tab 1.2.2

Vegeta Tab:== Awesome High Quality Vegeta Images in Each New Tab. == For real fans, like I am:) You'll be very inspired and you w..

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Vegeta Tab
Vegeta Tab
Vegeta Tab
Vegeta Tab

Vegeta Tab 简介

== Awesome High Quality Vegeta Images in Each New Tab. ==
For real fans, like I am:)

You’ll be very inspired and you will love this nice extension.

== 5 Reasons to Install “Vegeta Tab” ==

1. It’s simple to use. Just open a new tab for a new HD picture.
Or, if you scroll down or click the “next” arrow, a new page with a cool picture will load from

2. Tons of exquisite variations.

3. Works offline also.

4. Superfast.

5. Search available.

That’s it. 🙂

== Details for control freaks: ==
*Everything in the code is 100% transparent. - Check it here:
*No weird permissions required.
*No spyware or other kinky stuff.

If you like it, please give me a nice 5 stars review. Thanks.
If you don’t like something, please give me your feedback.

For fellow programmers, any contribution will be appreciated. Thank you.

== About HappyHey ==
HappyHey’s mission is to bring more happiness into the world through sharing of happy pictures. We hope you’ll join us to make our world a better place.

== Removal ==
To remove it from your browser, you have 2 simple options:
- either you type chrome://extensions in address bar, scroll down and delete it
- either go to chrome, settings, extensions, scroll down and delete it.

== Disclaimer: ==
This nice extension is done by a fan. The trademarks belongs to their respective owners.

Enjoy it!


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