Visit my Website/Blog for further details: # Update from 1.3 to 1.3.2Changelog inside Extension - Fixed Favicon-Bug - A..

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Visit my Website/Blog for further details:

# Update from 1.3 to 1.3.2 - Changelog inside Extension
- Fixed Favicon-Bug
- Added ability to change the title of a separator - a click on it rotates the title from a predefined list which can for now be defined only through the javascript-console:
localStorage.tab_sidebar_sep_titles = JSON.stringify([“title1”, “title2”, “title3”, “and so on”])
- Added ability to change the top-marging of the separators through javascript-console:
localStorage.tab_sidebar_sep_margin_top = “10px”
- Some minor bug-fixes

# Update from 1.2 to 1.3 - Changelog inside Extension

This Extension opens a new Window after clicking on its button which can be used Sidebar-like.
In this Window you will find all Windows and Tabs sorted in Tabs/Registers from which you can drag’n’drop them inside and between Windows.
You can also create/remove Tabs/Separators/Windows, make them Active, resort them, and so on.
To bring a Window to front, just double-click the Window-Tab.

The main Idea was to create a little Sidebar in which Tabs can be marked (click the heart-icon) as important to find them faster between the not-so-important-but-keep-them-open-Tabs.
The 2nd Problem I had was that i often use my primary monitor in portrait mode and get in troube with the Tab titles who shrink because of the many tabs I have open.
Now I can use this Extension on my secondary monitor and use it instead of the Chrome-Tabbar and so I’m always able to read the Tab titles.

Thats it for now, if you would like to give feedback, found bugs or have feature-requests please write me a mail: heithe01+chrtsb at gmail dot com
If you like this Extension, please rate it and share it with others 🙂
If you don’t like it because of a missfunction or anything else, please contact me before down-voting so I can fix the problem 😉


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