Panel & Notifier for IW

Panel & Notifier for IW 0.1.5

Panel & Notifier for IW:check your Instagram while you browse, plus, get badge notifications for new posts...

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Panel & Notifier for IW
Panel & Notifier for IW

Panel & Notifier for IW 简介

Panel & Notifier for IW is an easy way to browse your Instagram wall from a toolbar popup, plus, get badge notifications for new posts.

Some features:
1. A complete Instagram page right in your browser toolbar.
2. Notifies you every time a new item(s) is posted to your wall.
3. The badge-icon text shows you the number of recent items.
4. You can adjust the badge number based on the new post’s time-frame (see options page for more details).
5. Popup width and height are adjustable to your choice (in options page).

Note: Panel & Notifier for IW does NOT belong or relate to the official Instagram application at all. It is an unofficial extension that is developed and maintained independently.

To report Bugs, please visit the add-on’s homepage ( and fill the bug report form.

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