Trello Horizontal Scroll

Trello Horizontal Scroll 3.1.1

Trello Horizontal Scroll:Enables Horizontal Scroll in Trello..

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Trello Horizontal Scroll
Trello Horizontal Scroll
Trello Horizontal Scroll

Trello Horizontal Scroll 简介

Trello by default doesn’t gives the feature to scroll board horizontally whereas as the number of lists grows its not easy to view all lists by clicking and moving the board or moving the horizontal bar manually (surely this flow doesn’t seems smooth on desktop and laptops right).

So, this extension adds the feature and enables the horizontal scroll on Trello boards.

Change Log:

- Updated Options UI as per chrome extension’s options UI version 2
with this update - now options window to set scroll speed opens up in extension page.

- Provided option to customize scroll speed ( defaults to 30 )

- Fixed bugs: now horizontal scroll deactivates automatically once it detects the presence of vertical scroll bar within lists or cards.

Note: If horizontal scroll stops working while switching boards - please refresh page.


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