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你不会在任何地方使用相同的密码,所以为什么在网上购物时在任何地方使用相同的支付卡号? 隐私允许您使用虚拟卡号而不是真实卡号在线购买。每次购买一个新的卡号,点击一..

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Pay by Privacy.com简介

You don’t use the same password everywhere, so why use the same payment card number everywhere when you shop online?

Privacy lets you buy online using virtual card numbers instead of your real ones. Make a new card number for every purchase with 1-click. It’s super fast and easy to use. Join over 400,000 users that have saved millions of dollars by blocking unwanted charges due to compromised cards, hidden fees, and forgotten subscriptions.

Lifehacker says it’s like creating a Gmail address like “”, but for your card number.

Forget about credit card fraud, data breaches, or having to update billing information at all the services you use when a card gets hacked. Foil fraudsters, keep you personal information safe and take back control of your online spending!

Privacy cards may be used most places major credit and debit cards are accepted.

- Complete Control - Set max charge limits on each card and close any card with just a swipe.
- Private Payments - Spend anonymously. Use a fake name when you pay. It’s nobody’s business what you buy.
- Foil Fraudsters - Cards are automatically locked to the first merchant they’re used at. So you’re safe even if the merchant gets breached.
- Stop Subscriptions - Set a max charge or make your card single use, so you’ll never forget to cancel one of those pesky “30 day free trials.”
- Free - We make money from merchants, just like debit or credit cards. We won’t ever sell your information or surprise you with any hidden fees.









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