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HTTP Headers 1.0.0


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HTTP Headers

HTTP Headers简介

Display HTTP headers for all requests and responses for the current page.

HTTP Headers is a lightweight extension that contains no third-party libraries and no user tracking. It is designed to allow you to quickly review status codes and headers for the requests that Chrome makes and the responses it receives. Headers are always listed alphabetically, and very long values are truncated to a single line until you hover over them with your mouse, to keep the list easy to read.

Descriptions of common headers are included to help you understand what each one does. Clicking on a value will copy that header to the clipboard in the standard HTTP header format.

The extension’s icon will display a badge indicating either the status code of the response, or the total number of requests the browser made, including redirects. The color of the badge always indicates the status of final response.

This extension is open source and the source code is available at


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